We Offer Treated Pine Decking, Untreated Pine Decking and Saligna Decking for sale. Our High Quality Decking Products are sold at Wholesale Prices to the Public. The Pine Decking is 21X106 and is available in 3m lengths. The Saligna Decking is 20x98 and is available in short lengths (1.8m - 2.7m) and long lengths (3.0m - 4.8m lengths. Saligna Decking also comes in a finger jointed grade which is available in 3m lengths. Contact Us for a quote.


Pine Decking

Pine deck sizes available:

21 X 110 3m lengths |
Treated & untreated


Saligna Decking

Saligna deck sizes available:

20 X 98 1.8m - 4.8m lengths | 20 X 95 Finger Jointed in 3m lengths


Easy Clip

Easy Clip

Hidden decking clips
Easy installation



Ultradeck colours:

Clear, Golden brown,

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